Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Giddy over gloriosa and a bouquet destined for the airport

Today has been a fantastic day.  It started with me getting excited about the height of the delphiniums. That's pretty much all it takes for me to get giddy.  Well, they were ever so lovely, they got bought.  It followed all the joys and scents of Mother's Day.  What a lovely time we had creating bouquets.  Stock and narcissi scent surrounded weekend.  A good weekend indeed.

I then went into the garden to harvest tree branches in bud for the cake shop - more about that tomorrow.  Then a bridal meeting - chance for more giddyness - that was indeed a delight.   Then, I had to reign it in a little as I had to pick up cupcakes and a lack of focus would have meant a second visit to replace the ones that I ate.  Luckily, they are still gift wrapped are ready for a very special delivery.  I can't say any more - they may read this blog.

David picked up his flowers on the way to the airport.  Hope his girlfriend got back safely after nine weeks apart.  Blimey.  Now, flowers on the way to the airport.....I wonder?  Anyway, let's move on, I don't like to wonder too much.  Giddy mood you see.

The crescendo of uber giddyness which resulted in actual hand clapping (bit like a seal) was down to the lovely wedding photographer, Katy Lunsford.  She just sent me these shots of two bouquets and a buttonhole I exhibited at Great John Street.  She really is clever.  Very, very, very clever. 

Big thanks to Katy (who can be found at www.katylunsford.com BTW) and enjoy the read.

Laura x

 A handtied design of gloriosa, cherry brandy (yum), freesia (Union Jack bearing ones), tulips (yellow ones are British, very gorgeous) and grand prix, not the racing type, the floral ones....nestled among others.

Trailing gloriosa.  I know, they're very unusual and incredibly beautiful.  They look fab.  I love them.  Pricey. Worth it.  Enough said.

Clever Katy has positioned these flowers on the most interesting of backdrops, right outside the hotel.  Photographers have a knack of doing this.  Me, it's in front of a shrub, or not at all.  That's is why I'm a florist and most certainly happy to leave photography to those that know best.

Glory, glory gloriosa! Glory, glory gloriosa! Glory, glory gloriosa! Cherry Brandy Rose*

If you are a red and live in Manchester, you may be able to sing along to this. If you are a blue, we'll need a different tune.  Best not mention this post the the hubbie - it definately won't work with Carter/Cash.  May therefore need a new tune to sing along to.  Answers on that fancy pre-lined manuscript paper (scanned if you please) to laura@lauracolemanflowers.co.uk.

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Gorgeous flowers, beautifully shot!