Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Soft pink vintage flowers and a blast from the past

This week the rain has been playing havoc with my cycling plans.  I've had the bike all done up.  It's got a new chain.  The seat remains uncomfortable, but there is nothing to be done.  It's one of those mountain bike ones.  It's bright blue.  It's functional.  Sadly, it is not a classic, vintage style, black, slim framed, 'designed for ladies wearing nice dresses' one with a basket on the front for your shopping.  That is the bike of my dreams.  If the weather improves, I'll keep you posted on the journeys of the magical mountain bike.  Until then, flowers it is.  Not bad really.

Today is brought to you by the letter V.  V is for vintage.  It is also brought to you by the letter P.  The letter P is for Peonies (British ones - their nearly done now), Pink and Pedestal.  More on this below.

Christines wedding was lovely.  All blousy flowers with lots of lovely textures.  The peonies opened perfectly (there's another P) and the weather was warm.  Christine needed it to be that way for her lovely floaty Jenny Packham number.

Here's her wedding in the final (well almost) Letter P - Pictures.

Laura x

 Very magical light. I rather like it.  Feels a bit creative.

 An urn of blooms that look simply magical.  Hazel and honeysuckle feature.

 Delphinium.  Always provides glamourous height.  The floral equivalent of Laboutins.

 Flowers on film.......my old mate Bradders getting all the detail in.

I'm going to try my hand at Sweet Pea growing.  Success will be blogged, lack of success will be erm......not mentioned and politely glossed over.
Pretty bridesmaids bouquet.  Love it when a British Peony does you this proud.
The Jenny Packham dress was a cracker.  So are these flowers.  I wanted to hug it.  Best not.  They're pretty delicate blooms.

For the final P.  Perfect.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As seen on TV......

It must be most peculiar to be an actor, an actress, a TV star or starlett.  When you're sat on the sofa of an evening, quietly minding your own business, following the evolution of an injunction storm on Twitter and tucking into a low fat salad.  There you are.  On ITV.  In all your finery. Dressed up to the nines.  Proud as punch.  It's all a little surreal wouldn't you say?

The closest we've ever got to this is when we were on the BBC's Beat The Boss.  The other times are when our flowers feature on the Beeb and in The Times in the hands of the odd famous cyclist or two. Our flowers were the Charlotte Balbier facebook page profile pic the other day. The most recent viewing was in a Cooperative Food advert during Corrie.

I may not be one for eating salads.  But if this is fame, I'm happy with our lot.

Here's a few examples of the blooms on tour.

Laura x

Monday, June 6, 2011

What Katy did next......

This weekend has been filled with delights.  There were flowers (naturally), there was the removal of the Christmas tree from the garden, the power washer was unpacked from its box and there was a great deal of excitement about the fact that the poppies are in bloom.  We now have a new Union Jack door doormat in pinks, blues and yellows, the wall at the front is Raspberry Bellini and the one at the back is some funny name from the Dulux collection.  I've renovated a piece of furniture with a lick of paint and a few polka dots to boot.  I've not told the Mother in Law yet....it used to be her piece of furniture, I don't think she'll want it back now.

Sam's Chophouse served a great bitter shandy.  I wore high heeled shoes on Friday night and Saturday night.  I didn't on Sunday night, but I did wear a black and white neckscarf. 

Now to Katy.  She's afterall what the blog is about today.  I'm envious of her ballet pumps.  She has two pairs that she wears.  They are flat and pretty and apparently available from Topshop.  She wears them when she's photographing weddings.  She probably wears them in the garden when teaching Sophie about the plants.  She may not, potentially, she more of a 'bare feet in the garden' type of girl.

I digress. 

Here's a few more pictures of the photoshoot in the Northern Quarter.  It was shot by Katy Lunsford.  She's ever so clever.  Images were first seen on Love My Dress.  Here's a link to that spectacular blog entry.

Enjoy the newly seen images....there are more to follow.

Laura x

Team for this included me on blooms, Katy on the camera, Charlotte on the dresses, Nicola on the charms, Ailsa on the styling, Charlie on the lippy, Fred on the cakes,