Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What came first - the chicken or the egg?

The weekend was filled with blooms.  Some of them scented, some of them not.  All were beautiful.  I had 1.5 days off over Easter. I spent it with the hubbie on Sunday afternoon and a sunny Monday. My Dad came to stay on Friday and Saturday as there was an arch involved and he's an engineer.  We ate alot and cranked open the barbeque.

The weather kept up with the flowers.  The sun shone at the right time and it wasn't too hot.  Thank goodness really, I have it on good authority that a hot day in one of those posh suits is a melter.

There were (among other things) David Austin roses (gasp), about nine other types of rose (ooooh), phlox (smile), waxflower (jump of joy), larkspur (clap hands like a seal), stocks (long sniff), hydrangea (swoon), peonies (faint) and a box of scotch eggs to keep us going (yum).

We've split the blog entry up.  We had to. The profound question above will be answered in part three.

Heady hydrangea.  I think I'll rename it.  It's official name is something like 'Rambo' or 'Hulk'.  I don't like to recall it, it's quite innappropriate.

Larkspur to Candleford.  I'm currently reading a similarly named book.  It was recommended to me by my Grandmother.  She's lent me her copy.  It has a polka dot front cover.

 David Austen rose.  If it could speak I'm sure it's first words would be 'No, I am not a peony.'
 Mimi Eden.  I like the name.  Makes me think of 'Allo 'Allo.
 Stocks in close up.  Smelt amazing in the Church.  More about that on the next entry.  A chicken may feature.  It may not.  Any guesses on the egg yet?

Avalanche in close up. To the rear, a lot of blooms.  I've got pics of them all but I need to stitch the images together as I couldn't get them in one shot.

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