Monday, February 28, 2011

Tasnim's Mehndi - pretty in pink, green and yellow

Every now and again you get a chance to work on something wonderful.  These few delicate items were commissioned for Tasnim's Mehndi party and were a joy to create.  Pink, yellow and lime green all delivered in a nice big white box for her to enjoy. 
My photography is not to be desired, I can hear cries of horror that things of such prettiness can be photographed against the cold dark background of a slate floor, however, focus on the lovely blooms and maybe one day I'll improve my photography skills!  Until then, I have a list of excellent photographers I am happy to recommend, like my baking, my 'through the lens' skills are not likely to improve in the near future. 
Enjoy the pics!
Laura x

To see the wedding of Tasnim and Mohammed, see this link.

A very fine wedding, a very fine wedding indeed

I first met the lovely Lucy and her Mum on a rainy day in Didsbury so meeting them to talk about the ideas they had in mind for Lucy's hot pink and lime green wedding cheered the day incredibly. We got very excited talking about cocktail vases, hot pink calla and slices of lime and that was before she even showed me her stunning one shouldered wedding dress that was more Bond girl elegance than ever before seen!
So there it was, a rainy day and a cocktail inspired wedding dress, a florists day was cheered indeed! Lucy loved the combination of bright flowers and details that we worked on together. Gloriosa rothschildsana, stunning calla lilies, hot pink gerbera, celosia, nerine bowdenii, cymbidium orchids, lime green chrysanthymum, bupleurpum, lilies and astilbe all made an appearance at the Manchester Hilton on Deansgate for what was a truly spectacular wedding.
Now, I'm no photographer, butI thought I'd share a a few pics of the beautiful brights that made Lucy and Simon have a day that was definately not shaken, but certainly caused a stir!
A huge congratulations to them both.

Laura x

A stunning bridal bouquet of bright pink flowers for a hot pink and lime green 'cocktail' inspired wedding at The Manchester Hilton.

Bright green chrysanthymum made beautiful buttonholes. Hot pink ribbon and pins set of the detail for the day.

Loose set flowers in the wedding party colours set into cocktail vases lined with slices of fresh lime.
Each of the places on the top table had a cocktail glass with floating orchid heads and a candle in it to carry the theme through right to the smallest detail.
Lucy chose cube vases of flowers from across her day to feature on the top table in a pallette of pinks and greens with bright ribbon wrapped around the vases. A modern twist on the traditional long and low arrangement that added lots of colour for a perfect day.