Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let them eat cake, arrange blooms and be merry....

This post features cornflowers.  It's been a while.  There's been weddings, a class, a giant teapot, an award, a missed opportunity to wear my Vivien of Holloway dress, lots of meetings, many slices of cake and a great big 'welcome home' to the hubbie from hospital.  In true style, we celebrated with fish and chips.  Sometimes healthy green beans and a griddled bit of salmon just won't do.

Big hugs to all my brides.  You have been marvellous.  Seemingly all bridezillas choose to use other florists. 

Two ads featuring our blooms are on the telly.  They're filming more today.  Fancy.

I must thank the master baker at And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon.  She is the queen of cake.  She is also the queen of hearts (a nice one, not the 'Orrrf with their heads' version that features in the Alice books and films).  We took residence in her shop to start the first in our series of  'Classes for the Florally Curious'.  Photos were kindly taken by the lovely Rebecca Harvey who created blooms to be proud of. 

Here's the lowdown of when the dish met up with the bloom.

Laura x

An example of what was created.  Vintage Blooms Inspired by Baking.  Kilner jars featured.

Flowers on the cake counter.  All wrapped up and ready to go in brown paper.

 Something wonderful about the buds of a British Larkspur. 

The class in pinnies, engrossed in conditioning and handing out flowers to each other.  A interactive class this most certainly is.

 Ellie looks at home with the roses.  They match her top.

British Cornflowers featured among others including Hot Diadeem roses.

Me to class: "Red Velvet Cupcake anyone?"
Class to me: "It's your's I think....." 
Me to class: "Oh, so it's mine. Are you sure?  Fab, I'll keep it for the hubbie."

A little while later after the class was finished.

Florist arrives at hospital to visit hubbie.  Walks into room smiling.  Hands over cupcake in a box tied with blue ribbon.

Me to hubbie: "This is for you."

Hubbie opens box.  Florist walks to put handbag down on windowsill.  Returns to give hubbie a kiss. 

Hubbie to me: "Thanks, that was lovely.  Made me feel alot better.  Needed that.  Are they available on prescription?"

Me demonstrating how to achieve the finishing touches.  I have a double chin.  Not one of the photogenic sorts. 

Here's one we made earlier.

Fancy close up shot of limonium among other things.



A beautiful British Larkspur.  A great bloom for an evening of larking about with flowers.  Do you see what I did there?

Can't wait for the next one! x