Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Michaela

OK, it's been a while.  I met Michaela (when I write this name I have to say Mitch-a-eee-lah in my head to spell it correctly) on Saturday to talk weddings.  We also talked about Eddie Izzard, name swaps, and unwrapped gifts.  When her fiance arrived we also talked about Superman.  This story is most amusing.  I'll blog it when we feature their wedding flowers, which will be this year.
The last time I blogged was last year.  Shameful.  Michaela noted to be (from memory, I might add - impressive) that it was the 21 November 2011.  I love that my brides know such information.  I don't love that I've been busted.  I've not used the word busted since about 1991.  Retro.

There are many pictures. Many weddings.  Many tales to tell.  They require sorting and uploading.  There was Christmas, there were photoshoots, and weddings, and consultations, and other projects, including working on  the structure for an updated website.  The blog came second to riffling my way through half a tin of M&S Chocolates at my Grandmother's house also.   Sometimes in life you must prioritise.

This year so far there's been weddings, and weddings, and shortbread.

This coming Sunday the wonderful Eleanor will be at Heaton House Farm where we shall be exhibiting.  Don't expect a six foot trestle table uniformly set out with flowers.  You should know by now I can't abide by a table.  Unless it's for two at Albert's in Didsbury.  There will be a post box, a watering can, and other water holding vessels.  Do come and visit, we're terribly friendly.

On Friday I'm delighted to be expecting a visitor.  She's collecting a bouquet of flowers.  When the brief was circulated, it made me think of this.