Friday, April 29, 2011

This ones all about the Best of British - scented of course

Today it is the day that is sparking lovely memories for me.  All my family around me, the arrival of Sara my lovely make up artist, getting giddy when Jill the photographer (who gave us biscuits on an antique china plate when we first met her) pulled up on the driveway, the girls heading off with Mum and the future Mum in Law to the hairdressers, Tom and Dad doing last minute flower deliveries, opening my wedding gift from my husband to be - a stunning, timeless brooch I pinned to my dress, my brother rehearsing his ready.  Bill my future father in law opening a bottle of bubbly. 

The relief that you've done it.  You've ticked it all off the list.  It's here.  

You're about to do the easiest thing in the World.  Marry the man you've loved for years.  

That's it really.  It's that simple.  That's what it's about.  I was so very lucky to have done this all in December.

Today Kate and William will be saying the easiest thing they've ever said to each other and to celebrate, we worked with the incredibly passionate cake makers extraordinares - And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon - to decorate their shop with a cacophony of red white and blue British blooms.  You can enjoy a full on afternoon tea there all day today - get down to the shop and celebrate in style xxx

 A stunning wreath of scilla aka Cornish Bluebells, Sweet William (naturally), delphinium and foliages from my garden.  No white Sweet William arrived - I wonder it it's somewhere else?

 Delphi in close up.
 Sweet William - not strictly red, but we'll let it go.

Bluebells.  Cornish and lovely.  All the flowers are from a nursery in Cornwall.  Found out yesterday that one of their growers has supplied Lily of the Valley for the big day today.  Nice to know these flowers shared the same home as some of  the Royal blooms.
Euphorbia from my garden.  Saw bucket loads of this being taken into the Abbey in an article online.  It wasn't from my garden.  Bigger one, down South supplied it, think it might have been one of the Queens patches of green.

All ready to be served with a right Royal Scone at 'And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon'

 The stocks smelt amazing and were HUGE.  So were the snap dragons.  

Have a fab day and if you get the chance, do pop in to see the stocks!

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