Monday, November 21, 2011

There was a day, some time back in August

There was a Room.  There were poison bottles.  They contained water and flower food.  And flowers. There was no actual poison.....thank goodness.  The bride loved them.  I used the macro mode to the best of my ability.  There were dahlia.  There being dahlia means it's always going to be a good day.

She was all white and demure.  Her girls were an explosion of colour.  I liked the black gloss tables and the runners of poison bottles.

I love colour.  I am also a little bit in love with Strictly Come Dancing.  Is it going to be the first ever all Jordan final?  Answers on a postcard, or if you really want to impress, on a glitterball please.

Laura x

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daisies in December, well, August actually

The days of wearing nice frocks in the studio are gone.  Thermals all the way, underneath a woollen dress and a nice hat.  Pink tights too.  I simply can't bring myself to wear fleeces.  A ski jacket on occassion, but not fleeces. 

This wedding was at Browsholme Hall.  In August.  I'm catching up.  The pro shots were done by Jonny Draper.  The ones below are those that I took.  Amateur, but then I claim no photographic ability.  Flowers are my thing, I leave the photography to those that know what SLR means.

There's even one of me.  Chief Arch Manager took that one.  He was visiting for the weekend.  He was referred to as 'A Dish' I believe.  Can't take him anywhere.

I have a favourite Waltz song.   A Daisy in December.  It's magical.  You should give it a listen over a cup of tea and a Choco Liebniz.

Laura x

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When I am older I'm going to wear pearls every day

When I was nineteen I went to Disneyland in Florida.  We went to Epcot.  It must have been built in the 1970's I suppose.  The concept was a futuristic view of the World.  One of the scenes was a child having a conversation with a parent through a television screen.  The parent was on the other side of the World saying goodnight.  I remember thinking this was the saddest thing I'd ever seen.  We're there now, but I digress, I'm a florist, not a philosopher.  I'm not all that bothered on whether or not the tree makes a noise when nobody sees it fall.

However, I do occassionaly mull over the future.  This photoshoot with 'the most amazing hire company' made be think about what I'll be like when I'm older. 

"I'll wear pearls everyday and be thouroughly eccentric" was the only thing that crossed my mind.  Not much different from how I am now.  I really should wear the pearls that I own, don't know why I don't.

Anyway, today's entry is all about the pearls.  It's a wonder that the 'most amazing hire company' ever got that teapot back. 

Laura x

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