Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty In Pink (and teal - but teal flowers don't exist, so pink it is) for a sunny spring wedding

Over the weekend it was pretty chilly.  Well, it was sunny on Friday and then it got chilly.  After we delivered the weekends weddings we wandered down to the West Didsbury Markets.  We ate our way round it.  Cheese.  A biscuit.  A hot sausage.  We bought a bright green member of the brassica family.  We're going to have it tomorrow with a gammon steak.

Here is a blog entry on one of our weddings.  We'll save the other ones for another day. Huge congratulations to Lindsay and Jonathon. We were going to take some other pictures of tulips, we didn't - explanation below.*

It's quite a long entry as Ailsa in the cake shop has now shown me a magical button on my camera that makes close up looks better.  I'm a florist, not a photographer - this button really was a revelation and I was most excited to share the knowledge with the Mr.  He already knew about it.  Never mind.

Anyway, here's some photos of the most scented wedding of the year so far.  Stocks, sweet peas - my new favourite for the moment, freesia, ranunculus,nerinne, gloriosa, panicum and eucalyptus.

Laura x

Panicum in close up.  It looks like fireworks here.  I do love fireworks.  Not in bridal work though.  Fireworks on a wedding day could either be beautiful, or taken another way, could be a bit Jerry Springer.
Nerinne.  Fab flower. Much under rated.  I adore it.  I think I may thread some of it onto wires and wear it in my hair tomorrow.

The scented ones are top centre, top left, bottom left.  The ones that people confuse with peonies are bottom right.
Today in the close up section.  Oh I do love that button on the camera.  Ranunculus.  So very pretty. So pretty indeed.

Fancy shot.  Close up of nerinne with freesia to the background.  Clever.

A freesia.  They were not keen on the cold.  They, like me needed a hot water bottle in the studio. 

 The stunning bridal bouquet with trailing gloriosa.  I need to think about my backdrops.  I may well have found the button, but my picture simply doesn't do this justice.  The brides draw dropped when she saw it.  "I love it, I love it, I love it!" followed shortly afterwards. 
 Gloriosa and nerinne buttonhole.  The grasses look smashing here. 
A bridesmaids bouquet of scented delight.  All wrapped up with pretty teal ribbon.  So pretty.  The teal would look rather lovely in the living room.  That may take alot of persuasion.

*The other photos were going to be of tulips - but I gave them to Darcey.  I am well informed that they are doing very well on her bedroom windowsill.   On another note, Sophie - aged 2 and a bit from Manchester (I checked with the bride when I saw her on Saturday at The Midland Hotel)  and you'll be pleased to hear that the yellow rose you took a fancy to is yours, she said that you can have it.  Please feel free to collect from the studio when you're done at nursery for the day.   

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