Weddings, Events and Floral Occassions

We do lots of weddings, and events involving flowers, and flowers for occassions, any sort of occassion really.  Naturally.  We are florists and we adore weddings and events.
Pictures always speak a thousand words (although I do like to talk, any of my brides will vouch for that) so I'll leave it to you to nosey through the blog entries on the left.

Very soon there will be pictures a go-go on but we're mid sorting that out.  It takes a while to re-build a website and we've not updated ours since the dark ages.

If you want to see more pictures, give me a buzz, I'll happily meet you over tea and cake to show you our portfolio and natter all things blooms and flowers. 

My email address is and my mobile is 07941 888654.

Laura x

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