Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Laura Coleman Flowers celebrate flowers at Manchester Flower Festival

We haven't updated our blog for a while, but thought that you would like to see a couple of pictures from when Laura helped out a friend at the Manchester Flower Festival. The incredible festival of flowers took place in June at Manchester Cathedral where the incredible building was transformed by literally thousands and thousands of stems and lots of people with a passion for flowers.

Laura was lucky enough to be asked by Margaret of St Edmunds Church to help out with the project, which was to decorate the steps of the Military Chapel. Laura's dad and grandads were all in the army, so was more than happy to help as it meant a great deal to be involved, and lets be honest, it was bound to be fun!

Above is as a pic of one side of the floral display that was created. The colours reflected those in a beautiful stained glass window in the chapel, the bands of colour were arranged to be shaped like rays of the sun, the sticks represented lines of soldiers, and the carrots and apples featured alongside flowers to add texture and interest in the display.
Here is a picture of us all (I'm the one in the pink shoes!) having just completed the display, shortly before team St Edmunds headed off for a well earned cup of tea!

Well done everyone, it looked fab!
Laura x