Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A wedding south of Macclesfield and a car called Coral

I do love the spirit of a bank holiday.  Everyone's excited.  The weather is a hot topic. I start to be concerned for the welfare of those sleeping under canvas during a thunder storm and I get a trip to Conwy.

For those that are in the know, I'm originally from sunny Hampshire.  Southampton was the nearest big place to go shopping and it's fairly near Stonehenge I suppose.  My family all live that way.  It means that when they holiday, they come to Wales.  Me and the hubbie were invited on the holiday.  We wedged in a three day break between weddings.  It rained.  Alot.  We don't care about these things.  Rain just means that we barbequed under an umbrella, kept the farmhouse warm with a roaring log fire, put on raincoats to take my Aunts dog for a walk, went to a lot of lovely country pubs, ate out at the Groes Inn and stayed in and played Scrabble.  It's my new favourite game.  24 was my highest score in one go.  Not bad.

It occured to me in the car on the way home that I'd not written about the wedding near Bristol.  It was a lovely one indeed. I decamped to my Nanny and Grandad's house and worked from the workshop in the barn.  It was lovely.  Water vessels were posher than when I'm here.  The floral pottery jugs are lucky to still be in my Grandmother's possession.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the World my cousin Daisy bought a car.  It's new name is Coral.

Laura x


The brides friend handpainted each of the teapots.  As a thank you gift, the bride gave me Brimstone.  It's in my kitchen.

Tea pots brimming.  I love tea.  I love flowers.  I love teapots.

Close up of the bouquets.  Anenome, pittosporum and double price tulips to name but a few.

A pretty welcome to a beautiful church.  The verger really liked this one. I exchanged some tulips for the heating to be put on.  It was super cold in the Church!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learning to dance and a rather large number of tulips

Today I've managed to take a little bit of time out.  We take breaks at funny times us florists.

Most would consider a break to be sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate whilst doing the crossword, time out to walk the dog or wandering round the Trafford Centre.  But as I've run out of hot chocolate, can never achieve much on the Times crossword, don't have a dog and I view clothes shopping as a chore that must be got through in order to reap the benefits (much like weeding your patio I suppose) I took a couple of hours off to go and learn a new foxtrot and revise the quickstep and the waltz.  I do this in readiness for my exams.

Exams - yes exams.  Mad - yes mad.  But we all like a little challenge I suppose?

We all love it when Len says 'Severrrrn' don't we?  Fingers crossed.

On the way back it occured to me that I'd not blogged the wedding of the tulips.  This was a treat indeed.  Siobhan was a fab bride.  So much fun.  She wore red converse under the posh frock.  Very, very cool.  She's a teacher of English and used to send me letters.  On her quote I used elaborate language.  She gave me top marks.

I miss her.

Here's the day of tulips taken by me, a photographer that never will be.


Laura x

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1950's wedding dresses invite you to the fayre with bunting and colour

There was no way that we were going to a wedding fayre in April without bunting.  Not on your nelly.  I made it myself.  I was pretty proud of it really.  It's now on proud display in a cake shop in Manchester.  They took a shine to it, I thought it was a shame to put it in a box for storage.  It's theirs now.

As usual, there was no 6ft trestle table on our stand.  They really should only ever be used for white elephant stalls at village WI events.  I love those.  Treasure troves for purchasing vessels that make for quirky vases.  Egg cups are a recent favourite.

The stand was focussed on three things.  A stunning 1950's inspired dress from the incredibly gorgeous Charlotte Balbier collection, a serious injection of colour and a macaroon tower from the English Rose Bakery.  I am most definately partial to a macaroon or two. 

I met some lovely brides on the day - can't wait to do their weddings.  One is having a mass of sweet peas, heavenly. 
On board for this little day trip of colourful wonders was the English Rose Bakery, Louise Ellen Designs, Charlotte Balbier, Silver Sixpence and my own personal collection of shoes - not for sale I'm afraid.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, even if they do feature me with a poppy in my hair.

Laura x

The most colourful of bouquets.  Perfect companion to a Pimms I say.

A close up of a Charlotte Balbier accessory.  It's my favourite.  I may wear it next time.
The stunning Sweet Pea dress by Charlotte Balbier.  Love the cinched in waist.  I had a lady enquire about whether she thought you could Lindy Hop in it.  Don't see why not. 

Wild and wonderful.  No cheese wedge orderly carnations and chrysanthymum to be seen.  Thank goodness.  PS yes, that whopper in the centre is a single rose. It's a biggun - you've got to be big and blousy for the 50's vintage vibe.
The mood board with stationery created by Louise Ellen Designs.  Her hubbie to be came up with the table name.  He's rather clever.  Does and excellent jive.  I think it's his favourite.  We call him 'The King' of jive.  I'm sure he'd like that.

The stand in all it's colourful glory. 

Me, with a poppy in my hair putting the final touches to the stand.

The jaunty angles are improving.  Even if photography is not my strong point, I like to think I have a go.  Now, that's a good attitude, wouldn't you say?

Blossom branches, limonium, stocks, roses and loads of other blooms in here.  Anyone else think the light looks a bit like a full moon?

The anenome's were a hit with a little girl who gave an audibly cheeky giggle, picked it up and started running off with a large grin on her face.  Happy customer I say.  Was incredibly funny.

I let her Mum run after her.  I had four inch heels on.  Good call wouldn't you say?

Monday, May 16, 2011

After the pillow fiasco, this little florist went to market.

Today started off in a very strange way.  I awoke very cross with the hubbie.

Me to hubbie: "Phillip (he only get's called that when he is in a great deal of trouble), you must take the pillows back to the Travelodge in Liverpool, they'll called the police."

Hubbie to me: "What are you on about?  We haven't been to a Travelodge since 2007 and we've never been to Liverpool together."

He had a point.

I decided to get up and go to the flower market.  I bought peonies and some alchemilla mollis among other things.  He's off the hook.

The pictures below have nothing to do with the above.  They are to do with Ollie and Nicki - AKA Mr and Mrs Cottam.  They got married and had a party at The Monastery in Manchester.  Their video is a corker. So were the blooms.  Link to their proper photo's on Tom's Blog is here.

At their final meeting before they wed, I had tea, Nicki had an orange juice, Ollie had a pint.  That's my kind of meeting.

Any one else feeling a bit chilly?  I do wish the rain would subside.

Laura x