Friday, July 26, 2013

Law and Order

He's a bobby. She is the most organised person in the whole of South Manchester.  Law and Order.  Clever.
Order had met me in The Met.  I'd just had a baby.  I was holding it together.  Just.  She was kind.  She was patient.  We talked blooms.  We worked out the best way forward for a DIY and 'but I'm not confident with that bit' combo.
There was a class.  There was cake.  They brought Veuve.  They also brought copper beech.  And a six foot branch.  And many, many, many, many jam jars.  They had a lesson, we created tablecentres.  In the studio I created the bouquets. We wrapped birch bark round the bouquet.  I have wrapped birch bark round many things over the years. Oh my.
The sun was a shining.  The venue had a herb garden.  (The herb garden bit was probably more exciting to me than most.)  There was a hound.  The hound did not attend the wedding.  It belonged to the owners Daughter-In-Law.  This has nothing to do with the flowers, but it is great scene setting stuff.  I think the hound was a Spaniel.  I'm not good on hound breeds. 
They got married. There was a Pettibone dress. There were blue Nigella in the mix. It was always going to be a good'un. 
Here it is.  Law and Order.