Monday, October 31, 2011

Floral swoon at The Monastery Wedding Fayre

This was the fayre where I wore bright blue suede peep toe heels with bows on the front.  They played Move Like Jagger during the catwalk show and Eleanor was in Chester.

I promised a scented stand, I delivered. There were Norma Jean roses and Tuberose.  Swoon. 

We featured Harriet.  She's a new kid on the block at Charlotte Balbier.  Would look wonderful on the red carpet at the Oscars in my opinion. 

Brides were met (and grooms).  I ate Twirl bites. They come in a resealable bag, not a necessity when I'm the consumer. 

If we met you there on the day you'll have seen my new porfolio. Fancy eh?

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Laura x

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A great deal of colour and a recommendation about Bop Local

The straw bale is back.  I went to Northwich yesterday to collect it.  Eleanor put it in the back of the car.  She is the strongest size 8 I've ever met.  She then made peanut butter on toast and a hot cup of tea and we chatted about the world of dance, husbands, ribbon and america.  It was an excellent morning.

We did two wedding fayres at the weekend.  More about them soon.   Any bride who met Garbo and loved it must wear flowers in their hair. I insist upon it.

For this wedding I had to lie on the floor to take some of the pictures.  I've given up on fancy angled shots, mine just look like I've taken it after one to many glasses of Pimms.  So, macro it is, although I've made a new discovery.  I can change the ISO.  Pointless really.  No idea what it means or does.

The wedding was a riot of colour.  A bride. Five bridesmaids.  A groom.  A big party.  The bride made a recommendation that I'd like Bop Local.   My pal Rach goes.  She's going to be a bridesmaid for the sixth time soon.  These two facts are entirely unrelated.  Both true.

Tablecentres were all planted.  Heather, cyclamen and ivy.  In trugs and pots that I painted myself.  Mainly Dulux, though there's a Crown in there too I think.

Laura x

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hay bales in Chester and paintwork in The Monastery

All in a weekend.  Yep, we've been busy today preparing for Sunday when you'll be able to come a see what we're all about.  I shan't be splitting myself in two, that would be gory.  I leave that to the people who write movies that make you jump.  I'll be at The Monastery and in Chester, you'll get the opportunity to meet the lovely Eleanor. 

Both schemes will be different.  At The Monastery (my great friend Katy took the picture of the ballerina you see below) we'll be going all rustic reds and ivories (including scented roses....sniffing them on the day is encouraged) inspired by the original paintwork at the alter.  In Chester, we've gone for a barn dance feel.  There's even going to be a hay bale.  Expect a riot of autumn oranges mixed with cheery colour, dahlias (one of my favourites), wicker hearts and twiggy wreaths.  Some of the things on the stand are for sale, but that would be telling.

Not sure what I'm going to do with a hay bale come Monday morning.  This is a mystery that I'm sure will be more solvable that trying to fathom why Steps are reforming.  Answers on a postcard please.

Laura x

The Vintage Wedding Fair LogoChester Guildhall
Watergate Street
11pm-4pm Entry £4 on the Door

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh how I love Mimosa, but my oh my does it make me sneeze

Lilies do it too.  Make me sneeze I mean.  Even florists aren't immune you see.  Got to get in there quick, whip the stamen out and hope for the best.  I once knew a landlady who was the most excellent chef at The Rising Sun pub in Cornwall.  She was allergic to shellfish.  I could never bring myself to order the scallops, it just didn't seem right.  The scampi was however, most excellent.

This week I've gone back in time.  To a time when the sun shone and mimosa was available.  I love the stuff.  I've got to blog this months weddings soon, I'll catch up.  Don't fear.

In other news.  Strictly is back.  It's been two weeks of full on glitter.  I've been obsessed.  My dance teacher went the first one.  Jealous.  She had to wear heels, in a heatwave, with no mobile phone.  I was having a barbeque after the weddings were done. 

Another one of lifes mysteries.  When did the man from Maroon 5 get all cool? (Am I allowed to say cool?  Am I now to old for that?  What is the modern equivalent?  Answers on a postcard please).  He used to be 'that nice boy' in that song that was on repeat in the dormitories at school.  Amazing how a repeat button can be overused. 

Either way.  The new man brings us an excellent cha cha tune.   

Laura x