Friday, April 29, 2011

This ones all about the Best of British - scented of course

Today it is the day that is sparking lovely memories for me.  All my family around me, the arrival of Sara my lovely make up artist, getting giddy when Jill the photographer (who gave us biscuits on an antique china plate when we first met her) pulled up on the driveway, the girls heading off with Mum and the future Mum in Law to the hairdressers, Tom and Dad doing last minute flower deliveries, opening my wedding gift from my husband to be - a stunning, timeless brooch I pinned to my dress, my brother rehearsing his ready.  Bill my future father in law opening a bottle of bubbly. 

The relief that you've done it.  You've ticked it all off the list.  It's here.  

You're about to do the easiest thing in the World.  Marry the man you've loved for years.  

That's it really.  It's that simple.  That's what it's about.  I was so very lucky to have done this all in December.

Today Kate and William will be saying the easiest thing they've ever said to each other and to celebrate, we worked with the incredibly passionate cake makers extraordinares - And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon - to decorate their shop with a cacophony of red white and blue British blooms.  You can enjoy a full on afternoon tea there all day today - get down to the shop and celebrate in style xxx

 A stunning wreath of scilla aka Cornish Bluebells, Sweet William (naturally), delphinium and foliages from my garden.  No white Sweet William arrived - I wonder it it's somewhere else?

 Delphi in close up.
 Sweet William - not strictly red, but we'll let it go.

Bluebells.  Cornish and lovely.  All the flowers are from a nursery in Cornwall.  Found out yesterday that one of their growers has supplied Lily of the Valley for the big day today.  Nice to know these flowers shared the same home as some of  the Royal blooms.
Euphorbia from my garden.  Saw bucket loads of this being taken into the Abbey in an article online.  It wasn't from my garden.  Bigger one, down South supplied it, think it might have been one of the Queens patches of green.

All ready to be served with a right Royal Scone at 'And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon'

 The stocks smelt amazing and were HUGE.  So were the snap dragons.  

Have a fab day and if you get the chance, do pop in to see the stocks!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is all about the chicken and the Church blooms

Yesterday we introduced you to the blooms that featured in an Easter wedding.  Today is about showing you what we did with them.  Beautiful, yes very beautiful indeed.

Rambo the hydrangea features in the pedestals alongside Sweet Avalanche rose and a myriad of other blooms.  They first met in the studio.  It was love at first sight.  They went to the wedding in style.  They ended up at the bar together.  Who knows what happened after that, it was the last time I saw them.  I like to imagine that they are now romantically finishing their days in the new Mother in Laws house.  I'm sure that Steven and Heather* will let me know. 

The chicken refers to the barbeque.  We had marinated chicken that night.  It therefore came before the egg.  Well, it did for me as I didn't have a scotch egg.  Phill did.  I ate a sausage roll to keep me going.
Enjoy the read, and any guesses on when or how the egg may feature are welcomed.

Laura x

When candelabra dress up, they look like this. 

 In close up.  Stocks with a lot of lovely roses.
 Phlox in a marriage with waxflower.

 Stocks, phlox and a very beautiful stained glass window.  James was ever such a nice vicar.  So helpful.  Sat and had a good chat with us about blooms and the world whilst we were creating these flowers. 

An arch and the candelabra for a wedding on the sunniest of days.

Clever fancy shot with lighting effect.  I'd love to say I planned it.  It was entirely by chance that it works.

 Close up of the roses in the arch.  There's a peony, and a stock.  I was giddy with excitement about it.

Stand back and admire.  Then you can have a sausage roll.

 Another episode of  The 'Arches'. Full to the brim with David Austin roses and about seven other sorts.

 The pedestal and the coat of arms.  This Church had lots of them.  It also had a private balcony.  Very posh.

One of two gorgeous pedestals.  No 'wedge of cheese' circa 1980's carnation displays here.  No, no, no.  Natural finish for a pretty country Church.

Hydrangea plants outside the Church with two pedestal featuring the floral love story.

Cheeky 'round the corner' snapshop of the bridesmaids.  I forgot to take pictures of the bouquets before they left for the day.  Silly me!

Any guesses on the egg?

*Heather is a not a flower that is part of a fictional love story.  She was the bride.  A real one.  Lovely floral name.  I am a great fan of floral names.  She got married on Saturday to Steven and is now officially Mrs Morris.  Rambo Hydrangea and Sweet Avalanche featured at their wedding.  It is these flowers that I have romantically given a new love story to.  Talking of Morris, my Corsa has an alter ego that it is a Morris Minor traveller.  Maybe one day it will become a reality.  On another note, Morris is my Grandad's middle name.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What came first - the chicken or the egg?

The weekend was filled with blooms.  Some of them scented, some of them not.  All were beautiful.  I had 1.5 days off over Easter. I spent it with the hubbie on Sunday afternoon and a sunny Monday. My Dad came to stay on Friday and Saturday as there was an arch involved and he's an engineer.  We ate alot and cranked open the barbeque.

The weather kept up with the flowers.  The sun shone at the right time and it wasn't too hot.  Thank goodness really, I have it on good authority that a hot day in one of those posh suits is a melter.

There were (among other things) David Austin roses (gasp), about nine other types of rose (ooooh), phlox (smile), waxflower (jump of joy), larkspur (clap hands like a seal), stocks (long sniff), hydrangea (swoon), peonies (faint) and a box of scotch eggs to keep us going (yum).

We've split the blog entry up.  We had to. The profound question above will be answered in part three.

Heady hydrangea.  I think I'll rename it.  It's official name is something like 'Rambo' or 'Hulk'.  I don't like to recall it, it's quite innappropriate.

Larkspur to Candleford.  I'm currently reading a similarly named book.  It was recommended to me by my Grandmother.  She's lent me her copy.  It has a polka dot front cover.

 David Austen rose.  If it could speak I'm sure it's first words would be 'No, I am not a peony.'
 Mimi Eden.  I like the name.  Makes me think of 'Allo 'Allo.
 Stocks in close up.  Smelt amazing in the Church.  More about that on the next entry.  A chicken may feature.  It may not.  Any guesses on the egg yet?

Avalanche in close up. To the rear, a lot of blooms.  I've got pics of them all but I need to stitch the images together as I couldn't get them in one shot.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coronation Street and calla lilies on a pillar

OK, it's warm.  Very warm.  Even in Manchester where according to popular public opinion it always rains.  Some like it hot.  Florists like it cool.  I like it when I can wear pink satin peep toes without the fear of water damage.  I don't ask for a great deal.  Well, maybe for a spot of choccy every now and again.  Easy now I've sussed the hubbie's hiding place for the Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons and the Kit Kats.

Whilst I blog, I'm listening to the radio.  Just heard a song that each time it's played I think of Miss Pickering, a fellow florist that often mentions music on her blog.  Here's a link to the song reminder. She has a Hound.  He should be on TV.

Those in the know will note that some of the blooms featured in these shots by David Lake Photography were not taken yesterday.  However, there's a roof terrace involved and given the weather, it seems a good time to show you these pics of Great John Street Hotel in Manchester.  Bronwen invited me to do the shoot.  She mentioned that there would be tea available and a biscuit.  I said yes. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Laura x
View from the roof terrace.  Bouquet not always included in view.  I would have liked to have been wearing SJP type shoes on the shoot.  I wasn't.  I was black flat boots that day. 

I would like pink chairs in the house.  Mr C doesn't agree.  

Fancy wide angle shot.  I can't do this on my trusty little snapper.

I forgot the mirror.  Never mind. Mirror needed.

 Very lovely.  Wish that black candlestick was mine.  Would look cracking on the fireplace.  The silver floor standing one is far too big for that purpose.  Shame.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the pinkest vase of all?

Bouquet on the fireplace. As you do.

I heart thee lovely steel berry.

I can see the corner shop. I got a bit overexcited.  I took five photos.  They were all the same.  Except in this one there was a man pointing at a brick wall. Made it a bit more interesting I suppose?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Giddy over gloriosa and a bouquet destined for the airport

Today has been a fantastic day.  It started with me getting excited about the height of the delphiniums. That's pretty much all it takes for me to get giddy.  Well, they were ever so lovely, they got bought.  It followed all the joys and scents of Mother's Day.  What a lovely time we had creating bouquets.  Stock and narcissi scent surrounded weekend.  A good weekend indeed.

I then went into the garden to harvest tree branches in bud for the cake shop - more about that tomorrow.  Then a bridal meeting - chance for more giddyness - that was indeed a delight.   Then, I had to reign it in a little as I had to pick up cupcakes and a lack of focus would have meant a second visit to replace the ones that I ate.  Luckily, they are still gift wrapped are ready for a very special delivery.  I can't say any more - they may read this blog.

David picked up his flowers on the way to the airport.  Hope his girlfriend got back safely after nine weeks apart.  Blimey.  Now, flowers on the way to the airport.....I wonder?  Anyway, let's move on, I don't like to wonder too much.  Giddy mood you see.

The crescendo of uber giddyness which resulted in actual hand clapping (bit like a seal) was down to the lovely wedding photographer, Katy Lunsford.  She just sent me these shots of two bouquets and a buttonhole I exhibited at Great John Street.  She really is clever.  Very, very, very clever. 

Big thanks to Katy (who can be found at BTW) and enjoy the read.

Laura x

 A handtied design of gloriosa, cherry brandy (yum), freesia (Union Jack bearing ones), tulips (yellow ones are British, very gorgeous) and grand prix, not the racing type, the floral ones....nestled among others.

Trailing gloriosa.  I know, they're very unusual and incredibly beautiful.  They look fab.  I love them.  Pricey. Worth it.  Enough said.

Clever Katy has positioned these flowers on the most interesting of backdrops, right outside the hotel.  Photographers have a knack of doing this.  Me, it's in front of a shrub, or not at all.  That's is why I'm a florist and most certainly happy to leave photography to those that know best.

Glory, glory gloriosa! Glory, glory gloriosa! Glory, glory gloriosa! Cherry Brandy Rose*

If you are a red and live in Manchester, you may be able to sing along to this. If you are a blue, we'll need a different tune.  Best not mention this post the the hubbie - it definately won't work with Carter/Cash.  May therefore need a new tune to sing along to.  Answers on that fancy pre-lined manuscript paper (scanned if you please) to