Monday, March 21, 2011

The Blooms at Great John Street. A Great Day at the Fayre.......

Yesterday was an indeed an adventure.  All packed up and ready to go in the morning. Many a bloom. A dress. Cupcakes. Macaroons. Shoes. Candles. Stationery. A Frame.  One husband. Me. (Oh, and a scotch egg and a sausage roll in case I got peckish.)
That was us, all set to go.  We arrived excited as a pair of bees on the first day that they discovered nectar at the gorgeous Great John Street Hotel in Manchester for a very wonderful wedding fayre.
Unloading caused a stir.  "Is she Mary Poppins?", I could see people thinking.  Well, I'm a florist and the flowermobile was more like the magic bag in the film.  The only thing we seemed not to have was a brolly with a talking parrot on it.  (For those too young or who think I'm barking, please see the scene here.)
Well, I'm not Mary Poppins, but I am a proud florist, and this is what we shared with over 200 people who came to see the show.  (Minus the carpet bag and the brolly.)

Laura x
Here's what came out of the carpet bag.  Featuring a stunning Charlotte Balbier 'Daisy' dress and gorgeous accessories, the stationery designs of Louise Ellen, cupcakes by the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery NQ,  macaroons by the English Rose Bakery, shoes from my wardrobe and flowers by yours truly (that's me, Laura from Laura Coleman Flowers all on display at Great John Street Hotel, Manchester.

The bouquet on the large candelabra.  My what a balancing act.  We pulled it off.  It contained orchids, anenome, stocks, ammi, guelder rose, phlox and roses.  Very scented, very lovely.
Our inspiration boards with all the texture and detail we work with when we meet a bride.  The stationery was styled and hand design by by lovely Louise Ellen.  I do love her work. I get all excited when it arrives.

Eat me.  OK.  Done deal.
A fabulous bouquet.  Even if we do say so ourselves.

Stage left featuring loads of different rose varieties, gloriosa rothchildsana (v. fancy name), tulips, freesia, grevillia (prettier than the name sounds, we promise) eucalyptus and anenome.

Gorgeous accessories from the incredible Charlotte Balbier.  I had people diving round the corner coming to see the lovely 'Daisy' dress.  I think it's gorgeous.  So does my cousin, but she's called Daisy so she's biased.

Stage right.  A competition and my professional portfolio. 

These incredible cupcakes smelt as good as the stocks behind them in the candelabra.  These were made by the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery NQ.  Elvis, they didn't exit the building.  No-surey!  The were snaffled by the GJS team.  They deserved it though.  

This is Bronwen (aka Mrs Wood) to those that know. She's from Great John Street Hotel and manages all of the weddings.  Yes.  All of them.  Busy job I'd say.  She smiles.....alot.  I've also discovered she likes cupcakes.  Always nice to know!

A close up of the delectable macaroons made by the English Rose Bakery.  They make really fab favours with these in bags and boxes tied up with gorgeous ribbon.  Yummy and pretty I say. Yummy and pretty indeed. 

Me.  And the pretty things on the left are our table displays.  Phill, who took the picture likes the way I look too, but he has to say that, we're married and it was in the contract. (Alongside some handy advise from James Jordan that dancing should be a part of all marriages.  It's true, but then he's married to Ola.  Enough said)
Experimenting with jaunty angles.  I think I'll work on it.

Buttonholes featuring cherry brandy roses, grand prix roses, gloriosa, orchids, tulips and freesia.  A four year old who visited us yesterday was very partial to the yellow ones.  She was wearing pink.  I think we have discovered the future in floral talent.

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Rachel said...

I can't wait for you to do my flowers at Great John Street Hotel in October :)