Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is all about the chicken and the Church blooms

Yesterday we introduced you to the blooms that featured in an Easter wedding.  Today is about showing you what we did with them.  Beautiful, yes very beautiful indeed.

Rambo the hydrangea features in the pedestals alongside Sweet Avalanche rose and a myriad of other blooms.  They first met in the studio.  It was love at first sight.  They went to the wedding in style.  They ended up at the bar together.  Who knows what happened after that, it was the last time I saw them.  I like to imagine that they are now romantically finishing their days in the new Mother in Laws house.  I'm sure that Steven and Heather* will let me know. 

The chicken refers to the barbeque.  We had marinated chicken that night.  It therefore came before the egg.  Well, it did for me as I didn't have a scotch egg.  Phill did.  I ate a sausage roll to keep me going.
Enjoy the read, and any guesses on when or how the egg may feature are welcomed.

Laura x

When candelabra dress up, they look like this. 

 In close up.  Stocks with a lot of lovely roses.
 Phlox in a marriage with waxflower.

 Stocks, phlox and a very beautiful stained glass window.  James was ever such a nice vicar.  So helpful.  Sat and had a good chat with us about blooms and the world whilst we were creating these flowers. 

An arch and the candelabra for a wedding on the sunniest of days.

Clever fancy shot with lighting effect.  I'd love to say I planned it.  It was entirely by chance that it works.

 Close up of the roses in the arch.  There's a peony, and a stock.  I was giddy with excitement about it.

Stand back and admire.  Then you can have a sausage roll.

 Another episode of  The 'Arches'. Full to the brim with David Austin roses and about seven other sorts.

 The pedestal and the coat of arms.  This Church had lots of them.  It also had a private balcony.  Very posh.

One of two gorgeous pedestals.  No 'wedge of cheese' circa 1980's carnation displays here.  No, no, no.  Natural finish for a pretty country Church.

Hydrangea plants outside the Church with two pedestal featuring the floral love story.

Cheeky 'round the corner' snapshop of the bridesmaids.  I forgot to take pictures of the bouquets before they left for the day.  Silly me!

Any guesses on the egg?

*Heather is a not a flower that is part of a fictional love story.  She was the bride.  A real one.  Lovely floral name.  I am a great fan of floral names.  She got married on Saturday to Steven and is now officially Mrs Morris.  Rambo Hydrangea and Sweet Avalanche featured at their wedding.  It is these flowers that I have romantically given a new love story to.  Talking of Morris, my Corsa has an alter ego that it is a Morris Minor traveller.  Maybe one day it will become a reality.  On another note, Morris is my Grandad's middle name.

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