Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coronation Street and calla lilies on a pillar

OK, it's warm.  Very warm.  Even in Manchester where according to popular public opinion it always rains.  Some like it hot.  Florists like it cool.  I like it when I can wear pink satin peep toes without the fear of water damage.  I don't ask for a great deal.  Well, maybe for a spot of choccy every now and again.  Easy now I've sussed the hubbie's hiding place for the Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons and the Kit Kats.

Whilst I blog, I'm listening to the radio.  Just heard a song that each time it's played I think of Miss Pickering, a fellow florist that often mentions music on her blog.  Here's a link to the song reminder. She has a Hound.  He should be on TV.

Those in the know will note that some of the blooms featured in these shots by David Lake Photography were not taken yesterday.  However, there's a roof terrace involved and given the weather, it seems a good time to show you these pics of Great John Street Hotel in Manchester.  Bronwen invited me to do the shoot.  She mentioned that there would be tea available and a biscuit.  I said yes. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Laura x
View from the roof terrace.  Bouquet not always included in view.  I would have liked to have been wearing SJP type shoes on the shoot.  I wasn't.  I was black flat boots that day. 

I would like pink chairs in the house.  Mr C doesn't agree.  

Fancy wide angle shot.  I can't do this on my trusty little snapper.

I forgot the mirror.  Never mind. Mirror needed.

 Very lovely.  Wish that black candlestick was mine.  Would look cracking on the fireplace.  The silver floor standing one is far too big for that purpose.  Shame.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the pinkest vase of all?

Bouquet on the fireplace. As you do.

I heart thee lovely steel berry.

I can see the corner shop. I got a bit overexcited.  I took five photos.  They were all the same.  Except in this one there was a man pointing at a brick wall. Made it a bit more interesting I suppose?

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