Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally, the post about the egg.........

It's been a busy few weeks in the studio.  The peonies were a hit.  Especially the red ones.  Kate and Wills tied the knot - that was very exciting.  My attempt at a Victoria Sponge was a disaster.  Phill still ate a slice, but that's because he loves me.

We've done a bit of DIY.  The sun was shining and we had a day off together for the first time since we got back from the US of A.  We put the blinds up in the bathroom and bedroom.  They are ever so nice.  White wooden ones, just in time for summer.  The fabric I bought from Laura Ashleyfor the curtains a year ago still remains on the roll.  I really must get round to doing that curtain making class.

A couple of weeks ago we opened the 'chicken and egg' debate.  First we introduced you to it with all the background, then we revealed that the chicken arrived first.  Now it's time to show you the egg.

Here's a few pictures of the egg at the rather beautiful Alderley Edge Hotel.  It was of course, unpacked from it's nest of straw on the morning of the wedding by the resident hens.


Laura x

Stunning candelabra decorated with a sold mass of gorgeous roses, peonies and hydrangea.  Phill did a sterling job of getting these in the flowermobile.  Well done hubbie.

 The egg.  Smelled amazing, looked amazing. I hadn't had any breakfast.  Licking the egg was not allowed.  Shame.  I settled for a Bailey's one when I got home.  

Our glassware bought on a shopping trip to London makes an appearance.  The shopping trip also involved afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason.  That's my type of shopping trip. 

About a third of the types of roses we used for the wedding.  The peonies were corkers. 

 Top table decoration.  This was massive. Rambo made an appearance as you can see.

The resident hens unpack the egg.  What you can't see is the audience of chefs, the floral team and staff watching the sp'egg'tacular alternative to the wedding cake being set up.  

Steven and Heather, you definately win the prize for originality on this one. 

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