Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flowers, cupcakes and macaroons for the sweetest of Mothers Days

Ta daaaaa! 

Here they are - gorgeous pictures of this years Mothers Day collection.

Brought to you by me - that's Laura at Laura Coleman Flowers, and because I can't bake and these guys are frankly brilliant at it, we've brought in the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery in the Northern Quarter and the English Rose Bakery to offer you the best of the best in the Manchester floristry and baking world.

They'll be available online (*little dance of joy * - it will be the first time we've done sales online) from tomorrow.  We'll update this blog with links and all that razamatazz in the morning, and from then you can also call to place an order.

So terribly exciting!

Well, I did promise pictures and here they are (alongside a bit of babble on what we've got on offer this year)

Laura xxx

Stunning rose bouquet containing long stemmed yellow roses, pink phlox, agapanthus (they're the blue ones) white anthirrinum and eucalyptus.  Colours that remind you of, well, cupcakes and macroons.  Funny that.

Ces orchidées sont terriblement chic et élégant. On peut de fantaisie juste à regarder les tout en sirotant un macaron et de boire une tasse de thé chaud anglais Petit Déjeuner. Je suis sûr que votre mère serait d'accord. Translated from English in Google Translate as I don't speak a word of French.  Roughly translates as 'These orchids would look smashing on Mum's table while she drinks a cup of tea and eats a macaroon'***.

Our spring bouquet of tulips, white stocks, blue hyacinth (these are shown in bud here, but wait until these bad boys bloom, they're amazing), narcissus, eucalyptus and pittosporum.  Flanked by yummy 1, yummy 2, yummy 3 and yummy 4. (They'll never go in that box, you're right, the gift box they come in is bigger than that) Tin not included in the price although it is on display in the shop and likes receiving visits and/or compliments. 

Twelve gorgeous macaroons meets spring bouquet.  They met at the Castle Pub on Oldham Street in Manchester for the first time this week.  It was a perfect match.  The tea cup agreed although he can't be bought.  These delectable delights are part of the collection for Mums what love macaroons.

Rose bouquet and a hunky cupcake.  These will be available in 4's or 8's.  Lining eight up and putting them in the picture was tricky.  Very tricky, I ate two of them, and six would have given no reflection of what's really on offer.  The cupcakes come in boxes of four.  One box for Mum, flowers for the Mother in Law....now....what to do with the other box of cupcakes?

Can you resist?

Laura x

***PS For those that want to know what I put into Google Translate - here's the original copy :-) 'These orchids are terribly posh and elegant.  One may fancy just staring at them whilst sipping a macaroon and drinking a cup of hot English Breakast Tea.  I'm sure your Mother would agree.'

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