Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flowers in the cake shop: The polka dots and the daffodils

Today we took daffs to the cake shop.  We also bought some shiny ribbon.  It had dots on. We (and Johnny Cash*) were thrilled. 

Now ideally I'd have put the daffs in milk bottles, but sadly in these times, my milk doesn't come from a nice glass bottle with a tin foil lid, it comes from a practical bottle that simply wouldn't do for the daffodils.

I feel that the loss of the milk bottle is something I may have to address.   It's a bit like when they changed Fairy Liquid bottles and home made space rockets were never the same again.

To console myself at the loss of milk bottles and hand crafted space rockets of old I took a picture of the polka daffs in their home for the week.   Here they are.  If you pop in to the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery in the Northern Quarter in Manchester do say hello to Johnny C for me.  If you're lucky he might sing one of my favourite songs of all time. 

Enjoy the pics!
Laura x

*Jonny Cash is one of the STC cupcakes.   A very nice cake with an Oreo in it.  Charlie told me that this morning.  Every day is a school day.

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