Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As seen on TV......

It must be most peculiar to be an actor, an actress, a TV star or starlett.  When you're sat on the sofa of an evening, quietly minding your own business, following the evolution of an injunction storm on Twitter and tucking into a low fat salad.  There you are.  On ITV.  In all your finery. Dressed up to the nines.  Proud as punch.  It's all a little surreal wouldn't you say?

The closest we've ever got to this is when we were on the BBC's Beat The Boss.  The other times are when our flowers feature on the Beeb and in The Times in the hands of the odd famous cyclist or two. Our flowers were the Charlotte Balbier facebook page profile pic the other day. The most recent viewing was in a Cooperative Food advert during Corrie.

I may not be one for eating salads.  But if this is fame, I'm happy with our lot.

Here's a few examples of the blooms on tour.

Laura x

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