Sunday, November 8, 2009

Laura Coleman Flowers feature in CBBCs 'Beat The Boss'

Laura was very pleased to feature on CBBCs 'Beat The Boss' programme alongside team mates Sandy Lindsay (left in below pic), Founder of Tangerine PR and Jon Leach (centre), Founder and Chief Executive of Winning Pitch. It was a great experience to be involved in, and the 'Big Shots' team won against the 'Bright Sparks' team made up of three youngsters who gave us a real run for our money!

Creating a fashion show for kids was the brief given to us by Saira Khan, and then off we went to fashion college to learn how to spot trends, choreograph a catwalk show and create a mood board. We then interviewed kids to make sure we weren't a mile off the mark with our 'High School Reinvented' theme. The Trafford Centre was our next destination, hitting the high street to identify clothes and meeting the Chief Executive, Events Manager and choreographer to sell in our ideas............

........then that was it. Out of our hands, our fashion show was being created and the next time the team met, it was live on stage!!! Here are some pictures from the show......I look very serious in the first few shots, it's me putting on my 'competitive business' face.......very difficult when you've got the giggles!!

Hope you enjoy!

Laura xx

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