Monday, March 19, 2012

There was the scent of tuberose

Where there is tuberose there is scent.  They are one of my favourites.  Delicate pink buds that flower into well, a lovely cream colour with pretty edges.  The smell is quite lovely.  Some may say charming, others say delightful, one could even say the smell is darling, but one is not the Queen, so lovely it is.

This was the weekend of Mother's Day.  There were many, many tulips.  I also made a Victoria Sponge.  It was for the boys. They were taking up the decking.  I burnt the edges (of the sponge, not the decking.)  They seemed to worry not.  I think that when there's crow bars, drills and mallets involved in a project, one worries not about burnt edges.

The Irish Stew I made also went down a treat.

In other news, the additional flowers for the wedding included hyacinth, tulips, waxflower, eucalyptus, roses, freesia, muscari and hellebore.  Prize of a Sherbert Dip Dab available for first person to submit the name that is more commonly used to refer to a hellebore. 

Answers can be submitted by pigeon, email or snail mail.  I would suggest email....the other two are slower and could cost you a Sherbert Dip Dab.

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