Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Garbo, hay bales and a trolley in Chester

It has long been a known fact that it is impossible to split ones self in two.  I've tried.  It usually ends badly.  For those that are proper hands on people in their companies, the ones that don't do so well at letting go and passing things on, you'll understand that finding someone who you know you can totally trust with your company values is a bit like finding a piece of Welsh Gold on the number 43 bus to Picadilly Gardens.

My Welsh Gold comes in the shape of Eleanor. (When I type her name I say Ellee - Ay - Knorr in my head so as not to forget the a.)  For those that were lucky enough to meet her in Chester, she's a total trooper.  She heaved the hay bale, wine crates, easels, scrumpy jars, books, flowers, wreaths, a dress and naturally four bridal bouquets and a frame into the Guildhall in Chester for a day of meeting brides, grooms and the photographers (darling). 

I think she did a grand job, the stall looked fabulous.  Garbo was a great hit.  By chance, Lucy wore it the following weekend (not this sample dress, her own one that she ordered from a bridal shop in Yorkshire I believe.) Her wedding featured dahlias, craspedia, chocolate cosmos, chillis, gourds, physalis, oak, carthamus.....and a ton of other things including rosehips.  All colour touched with black and white ribbon.  Oh, and a soft top Morris Minor as a wedding car.

Enjoy seeing what Eleanor did in Chester.  Round of applause to the Welsh Gold if you please.

Laura x

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Gorgeous coulours...very country living x