Monday, November 7, 2011

Daisies in December, well, August actually

The days of wearing nice frocks in the studio are gone.  Thermals all the way, underneath a woollen dress and a nice hat.  Pink tights too.  I simply can't bring myself to wear fleeces.  A ski jacket on occassion, but not fleeces. 

This wedding was at Browsholme Hall.  In August.  I'm catching up.  The pro shots were done by Jonny Draper.  The ones below are those that I took.  Amateur, but then I claim no photographic ability.  Flowers are my thing, I leave the photography to those that know what SLR means.

There's even one of me.  Chief Arch Manager took that one.  He was visiting for the weekend.  He was referred to as 'A Dish' I believe.  Can't take him anywhere.

I have a favourite Waltz song.   A Daisy in December.  It's magical.  You should give it a listen over a cup of tea and a Choco Liebniz.

Laura x

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