Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little while ago now white met blue

Well, actually, for this wedding red met red. Mr is a Manchester United Fan, Mrs is a Liverpool Fan. Apparently, they don't speak of the game, it's far too complicated. Thank goodness for multiple televisions in ones home.

The blog, at this current time in no way represents flower seasonality. You can't get brodea now. You can get cornflower. Just. Anthurium are an AYR (all year round for those in the know) and the Liverpool fans favourite. Mr Manchester United didn't want one for his buttonhole. Can't blame him really, bit massive. Cornflower sufficed, and looks most marvellous.

I'm catching up. You'll see this when I feature mimosa next week. Sunflowers will eventually make it on the blog when the snow is falling.
Anyway. Here's what the blue and white wedding looked like. Anthurrium meets vintage. Red wed red. Dare one mention City or Everton?

Laura x


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