Thursday, September 8, 2011

In the times before rain, I helped build a garden....

I'm not Lynn Anderson, and neither did I promise a rose garden.  What we did do is make things flower.  Trade secrets on how we produced an allium from a lily, and delphi and gladi in full bloom so early on in the year shall remain a secret.  (Well, otherwise life would have no mysteries, and Midsommer frankly wouldn't be the same would it?)

Anyway.  This isn't Midsommer - good job, or I'd have no neighbours left I suppose - nor was it actually summer when we worked on the set for the latest Cooperative adverts showing Blighty in full sun, but the results that the team finally produced are worthy of an RHS medal, I'm sure you'll agree. 

They constructed this garden out of a patch of grass, alot of plants (to which we added anything you see that's in flower), a great deal of rather large lighting fixtures, non permanent fencing and handsome man who put the fence panels up.  Sadly, no picture of said handsome man although I do know he's from round here and his brother lives in London.

Flowers for the table were also needed.  "We'd like vintage style soft garden flowers in six of these* if that's OK?" "No problem at all.  In those*? How lovely. Consider it done."

Setting up behind the scenes is a great deal of fun. You meet the actors. You work with a fab team who are brilliant at giving you a detailed brief, you work to it and deliver, and then they say nice things about you.....and you work again, on the new ads that will be ASOS in a few weeks time.
Anyway, here's a few behind the scenes pics I took.

Mighty proud, that, I am.
Laura x

*Cath Kidston multicoloured glasses

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