Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flowers for Her Majesty The Queen

Today is a proud day. 

Yesterday was a giddy day.

The day before that was full of stress.

And now I can breath.

Today, Her Majesty The Queen was presented with a posy of flowers that I created when she went for luncheon (yep, they call it that in Downton Abbey, rather grand) at The Monastery in Gorton.   She will sit at a table in front of the table displays we created.  I tell you, that vaseware hasn't gleamed this much since I don't know when.

We were commissioned by The Monastery to create some displays for a very VIP lady.  There were details I needed to follow including red. white and blue blooms.  But The Monastery put their trust in me for the overall design. We worked our magic.  It would have been all too easy to go with expensive roses, set with standard foliages because they were a safe bet. Too easy to say, yep, let's put everything in.  Not us. We took a step back.  We kept it seasonal.  We put an autumn spin on the shades we used.  We used the interiors and intricate details of the nave at The Monastery as our starting point.  We used British narcissus.  We bought all the flowers at the wholesaler because they have looked after us for years. At this point I did not know the design was to be for H.R.H.  Luckily the Monastery team loved what we came up with.  Phew and thank you.

So, hurricane lamps and seasonal wreaths it was.

On the day they could officially tell me that The Queen was visiting I was giddier than a spinning stop.  I stopped talking I was so giddy.  Those who know me know that silencing me is tricky.  Then they mentioned posies.  I was so quiet that they checked I was still on the line.  They invited me to design this however I wanted to.  It was my gift to her.  So, I thought about it.  Again, I kept it seasonal.  Agapanthus, oak, seeded eucalyptus, thlaspi, rosemary, gentiana, faded autumn hydrangea, pincushion flower seed pods, ammi, waxflower, ranunculus and British narcissus.  The first attempt at the bouquet I wasn't my relaxed self.  I didn't like it.  I shook.  I have never shaken with flowers before.  Not even with too much caffeine.  So I calmed down.  I started again.  I smiled and thought about it.  Her Majesty is a family woman.  So I thought of my family.  What would my Grandmother like?  So I made it for her.

I know my Grandmother will love the design.  I hope The Queen did too.

Here are some pictures.  In my garden.  Due to being searched by a Police team, all vases, toolboxes and water sprays examined and the flowers needing to be checked out by Colin the sniffer dog, we couldn't put them on the tables today.  It all went in in secret on Wednesday.  Excitement indeed.

On a personal note. Thank you to my daughters nursery for looking after her at short notice so that I could carry out this once in a lifetime commission. And to Lisa and her Mum for sorting their diaries at the drop of a hat. All these things put my mind at rest that both the flowers and my little girl were in the safest of hands.


Kate Aldridge said...

I ruddy LOVE this!!! Guess who was there too, for the luncheon - one of the girls who helped with my wedding flowers class - she will be so chuffed to hear you did the flowers!

Kate Aldridge said...

Uh. Maze. Ing. Darling. Wow.

Katy Lunsford said...

Ohhhhhh my goodness! SO proud of you lady! What an amazing commission, and nobody better for the job. And the flowers look beautiful, I'm sure the Queen loved them :) X

Anonymous said...

stunning Laura, well done!