Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blue, red. Whatever. This wedding was perfect purple.

OK, so the Groom would say it has to be red this season. I have no idea. The weekly updates on whether it's going to be red or blue are beyond what my mental arithmetic on points, games in hand (whatever that means) and goal difference mathematics can muster.

I'm not from Manchester originally. I have no allegiance to the blues nor the reds. If I had to say there is a family loyalty to any team. It would be Swindon Town FC I suppose. You can see my passion is with flowers.

So, as promised. Here is a few pictures from a purple wedding. I thought I'd keep it neutral. Colour wheel combinations and all that.

Such a beautiful day. Sun shone. Team out in force. Delphinium. Lilac. Tulips. Roses. Many, many others.  All at St John's Church in lovely Chorlton and then at Great John Street Hotel, Manchester.

One of my favourite flowers featured.  Lilac.  In all manor of shades.  Also, one can't forget the tuberose.  It's scented.  One can't go wrong with scented.

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Inga K said...

Soooo pretty, loving all those blooms, I wish I could fill my house with them!! :-)