Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A great deal of colour and a recommendation about Bop Local

The straw bale is back.  I went to Northwich yesterday to collect it.  Eleanor put it in the back of the car.  She is the strongest size 8 I've ever met.  She then made peanut butter on toast and a hot cup of tea and we chatted about the world of dance, husbands, ribbon and america.  It was an excellent morning.

We did two wedding fayres at the weekend.  More about them soon.   Any bride who met Garbo and loved it must wear flowers in their hair. I insist upon it.

For this wedding I had to lie on the floor to take some of the pictures.  I've given up on fancy angled shots, mine just look like I've taken it after one to many glasses of Pimms.  So, macro it is, although I've made a new discovery.  I can change the ISO.  Pointless really.  No idea what it means or does.

The wedding was a riot of colour.  A bride. Five bridesmaids.  A groom.  A big party.  The bride made a recommendation that I'd like Bop Local.   My pal Rach goes.  She's going to be a bridesmaid for the sixth time soon.  These two facts are entirely unrelated.  Both true.

Tablecentres were all planted.  Heather, cyclamen and ivy.  In trugs and pots that I painted myself.  Mainly Dulux, though there's a Crown in there too I think.

Laura x

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