Monday, February 28, 2011

Tasnim's Mehndi - pretty in pink, green and yellow

Every now and again you get a chance to work on something wonderful.  These few delicate items were commissioned for Tasnim's Mehndi party and were a joy to create.  Pink, yellow and lime green all delivered in a nice big white box for her to enjoy. 
My photography is not to be desired, I can hear cries of horror that things of such prettiness can be photographed against the cold dark background of a slate floor, however, focus on the lovely blooms and maybe one day I'll improve my photography skills!  Until then, I have a list of excellent photographers I am happy to recommend, like my baking, my 'through the lens' skills are not likely to improve in the near future. 
Enjoy the pics!
Laura x

To see the wedding of Tasnim and Mohammed, see this link.

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