About Laura

Those that have met me know that I love blooms. Some more than others. Hellebore and lilac, anenomes and peonies are among my favourites. Nothing pleases me more than the delivery of a fresh set of stunning flowers all ready to be turned into a beautiful arrangements.

A childhood love of walking in the fields seeing what was popping from the hedgerows, 'helping' my Mum in the garden as a little girl, endlessly questioning my Grandmother and Grandfather on what was what and planting any seed I could get my hands on* has fuelled a life long love for what I do.

In 2008 after winning a successful bid to provide all the flowers for Manchester's largest sports event since the Commonwealth Games I founded Laura Coleman Flowers Ltd. It was one of the proudest moments in my life. After working in marketing and events for a number of years, and with the support of my now husband, Phill, I left my job to follow my heart and run Laura Coleman Flowers.

I remain at the heart of the company and take a hands on approach. I like to make sure that we are a company that really looks our brides, events clients, the venues, companies and home styling clients we work with.

Laura Coleman Flowers operates from a studio and runs classes in Manchester and Cheshire. I married Phill in December 2010, he's a computer programmer by week and 'Chief Vase Filler' by weekend.  In August 2012, Phill and Laura welcomed their baby girl into the World.  She's a little corker

*my Grandparents still have an orange tree I grew from seed that I planted when I was six. 

I look like this.  Well, not every day.  Just on days when I get married. The second wedding (to the same husband) was in Las Vegas six weeks later.  Elvis was present.

This was my very own wedding day. The lovely picture was taken by the talented Jill Thorning-Jensen who I met when I was looking for a photographer, but whom I now proudly call a friend.

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